Finding happiness by helping others find happiness.

Buddha taught that acting from our generous heart is the best way to find happiness. At JLC our community lives this wisdom by helping make our courses happen. From greeting people and serving tea, to cooking lunch to and washing up, these jobs are an essential part of how JLC helps people.

Ways you can help:
  • Preparing or cooking lunch
  • ​Greeting people arriving at the centre
  • Checking bookings and taking payments
  • Helping in the break (serving tea, washing up etc.)
  • Helping at lunch (serving food, washing up etc.)
  • Helping set up the meditation room
  • Helping clear up the meditation room
How to get involved:
If you'd like to get involved then please contact Roland on 01384 569956 or via email.
You can also click here for a list of upcoming courses and the jobs we still need help with.
​We hope to welcome you soon!