This page is for booking Jangchub Ling's Highest Yoga Tantra class.  This class is for people who have received the Highest Yoga Tantra empowerments of Vajrayogini & Heruka, or who are committed to receiving these empowerments at the next available opportunity. If you're unsure if this class is right for you, please call: 01384 569956, or email info@meditateinthewestmidlands.org to check.

What is studied in the class?

We are currently exploring the book, 'The Oral Instructions of the Mahamudra', which can be found here.

Where do I find out more about Tantra?

The New Kadampa Tradition website provides some basic information about Tantra. For more in depth reading download a copy of the free ebook, 'Modern Buddhism', or buy a paper copy, here.

How do I join the class?

When we receive your booking we will send you a link to register for the class on our streaming platform, 'Zoom'. We may contact you first to double check you meet the criteria for attending the class, please be patient.


The class is held once a month on a Friday evening between 7:30pm and 9pm. The next date is Friday 26th June.


If you are one of JLC's monthly subscribers, please email us to request a registration link. For all other bookings please use the payment facility below:

HYT Class 26th June