About Prayers


​JLC has a programme of daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly prayers which are free for everyone to join. We will be posting more detailed information about these prayers soon, but in the mean time you can look at our calendar to see when they're on.

About Retreats

Retreat is a time to let go of our usual concerns and focus just on spiritual practice.  An important aspect of our meditation practice, retreat gives us the opportunity to create perfect conditions for contemplation and this inner journey.​

In addition to our beginners retreats Jangchub Ling Centre hosts several formal retreats based around Kadampa Buddhist practice.   Retreats can be attended by anyone except where indicated, but if you have not been on one of these retreats previously we recommend getting in touch first, so you can check if they're right for you. We ask that all attendees arrive five minutes before session time so that we can start promptly.

Forthcoming retreat:

Fasting and Purification Retreat


Monday, 14th April & Tuesday, 15th April 2020

 at Jangchub Ling Kadampa Buddhist Centre

This special purification and fasting practice is performed together with prayers and prostrations to Eleven-Faced Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion. It is a very powerful method for purifying negative karma of body, speech and mind and for pacifying strong delusions such as desirous attachment and hatred.  It is also a special method for receiving blessings and improving our experience of love, compassion and bodhichitta.  This is not a guided meditation retreat.


  • Who can attend?

Anyone can attend sessions.

  • Do I need to fast if I come?

No. For those who are fasting it is normal to eat one meal between 12:30 & 1pm on the first day, and nothing on the second day. Liquids are taken on the first day, but not the second day. There is flexibility in particular circumstances, if you would like to check please contact our Resident Teacher Gen Khechog at rt@meditateinthewestmidlands.org.

  • Is this a silent retreat?

No, but it is reflective and we ask that this be considered as you move around the centre. Talking is permitted outside of the meditation room but kept to a minimum.

  • What is precepts and is it necessary?

Each day starts off with precepts where we make promises to maintain internal moral discipline and to put boundaries on our external behaviour too. These promises mean that for 24 hours we will make a special effort not to: kill, steal, engage in sexual activity, lie, take intoxicants, sit on high thrones (elevate ourselves out of pride), eat at inappropriate times, wear perfumes or ornaments, sing or dance.

It is not necessary to take precepts to come to sessions but it is recommended, especially if you are fasting. If you have previously received precepts as part of a group at a Centre then you can subsequently take precepts yourself at home if you prefer.

Cost: There is no fee for this retreat.

Session Times both days:

6.30am Precepts

7am Session I

11am Session II

4pm Session III