Drop-in Meditation Classes in Stratford Upon Avon

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A regular drop-in meditation class offering practical instruction on how to enjoy a peaceful, positive mind in modern daily life. Suitable for everyone, including complete beginners. We hope to welcome you soon!

What happens in a class?

​​All Classes consist of guided meditation, some explanation from the Teacher, discussion and questions and answers. For some FAQ about our classes click here. For more info about who we are click here.
Class time: Thursday evenings, 7:30pm - 9:00pm with Kadampa teacher Harnack Sahota

Venue: Friends Meeting House, 37 Maidenhead Road, CV37 6XT​​​​

Dates: Classes run throughout the year, usually with breaks for the school holidays. See 'upcoming classes' below for current dates.

Facility fee: £6 per class / £3.50 concession (retired, unemployed etc.) including refreshments.

​Booking: No need to book, attend individual classes.

Upcoming Classes:

Thursday, 21st February: NO CLASS

Thursday, 28th February: 'Know Your Mind, Change Your World'

Learning to meditate is a process of self empowerment that comes from knowing and harnessing the power of your own mind. Find out more in this class.

Thursday, 7th March: ‘Finding Mental Balance'

Our unbalanced minds can make us very vulnerable to changing circumstances, sending our emotions spinning in different directions. The meditations presented in this class will help you find the space and balance you need to interact with your world peacefully and positively.

Thursday, 14th March: Empathy & Peace’

It is impossible to experience true peace without feeling well disposed to the people around you. Easier said than done, but with meditation very possible! Learn how in this class.

Thursday, 21st March: ‘How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself'

Although there are many bad habits of mind which cause us problems, there is one in particular that is guaranteed to turn us against ourself. Learn more in this class.

Thursday, 28th March: ‘The Most Positive Mind'

Often meditation is misunderstood as ‘switching off’ in order to find peace. In truth meditation helps us engage with life ever more deeply. This isn’t so hard when we’re encountering happy people, but how do we keep a positive mind when we encounter others suffering? In this class we will explore and meditate on compassion, the most positive of minds.

Thursday, 4th April: ‘Developing Peace as an Act of Kindness'

Another common misunderstanding about meditation is that it is self indulgent and of no real use to others. Here we will gain confidence that investing in our own peace is the best gift to those around us.

Thursday, 11th April: ‘The Power of the Mind'

Insight into the nature of our mind is very powerful. With it we can come to know in our own experience how our mind creates our world and empower our meditation practice with a deep confidence and joy that what we’re doing brings the most benefit possible.


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