Teachers at Jangchub Ling Centre

Resident Teacher

Kelsang Khechog

The principal teacher at JLC is Gen Kelsang Khechog. Khechog was ordained in 2006 by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. After studying for a number of years on the Teacher Training Programme at the internationally renowned Tara Kadampa Meditation Centre near Derby, Khechog was appointed as the Resident Teacher of Jangchub Ling Buddhist Centre in September 2009.

Known for his considerate and thoughtful nature, Khechog presents Buddha’s teachings with clarity, showing how to connect these beautiful methods with the realities of modern daily life.​

Khechog teaches the Foundation Programme on Tuesday evenings, leads half dayday and weekend courses as well as guiding our weekly drop in classes on Tuesday afternoon, WednesdayThursday and Friday evenings and Sunday mornings and evenings. He also teachers in Worcester on Monday evenings and in Stourbridge on Wednesday afternoons.

Class Teachers

Harnack Sahota

Harnack Sahota

Harnack teaches our drop-in classes at Stratford on Thursday evenings, and at JLC on Friday mornings, as well as teaching on half day courses. Known for his ability to bring daily experience and Buddha's wisdom together to give teachings that are relevant to modern day life.

Mandy Nicol

Mandy Nicol

Mandy currently teaches the drop in classes in Hereford & Ludlow as well as leading half day courses. A sincere practitioner who's enthusiasm for Dharma and joy in Buddha's wisdom is reflected in her teachings.

Cheryl Bindley

Cheryl Bindley

Cheryl leads the 'Simply Meditate' classes at the centre on Wednesday evenings and teaches the Stourbridge evening drop in class.  Her boundless energy and commitment enable her to show a practical example of how to integrate the teachings into daily life.


Roland Jones

Roland is the teacher at our Bewdley drop-in class and also leads half day courses. Roland is an experienced practitioner and teacher with a heartfelt enthusiasm for helping people to gain personal experience of meditation.