Would you like to help support the running of the centre?

Volunteering is the best way to experience what Jangchub Ling Centre is really about. We are a non-profit organisation existing solely to help the wider community by promoting inner peace. From inner peace comes peace between individuals, groups and nations. Every week we hear how our meditation classes are empowering people to face difficulties with a positive mind and experience the peace they've been looking for. By helping out at Jangchub Ling Centre you are actively making this happen; this is meditation in action! People from all walks of life and all levels of interest in meditation help out at Jangchub Ling Centre and each of them can testify to the uplifting and empowering energy that comes from making such a positive contribution to others happiness.

There are many ways to get involved including:

Letting people know about classes, courses and events

We know from experience that in order to help people find out about the Centre we need to use multi avenues to publicise Centre activities. There are many ways volunteers can assist such as:

Person Typing

We need to make sure that as many people as possible know about the Centre and the classes and courses we offer. Can you help with this? Keeping ‘what’s on’ websites up to date with drop in class details, up and coming courses and fundraising events is one way to do this, perhaps you have ideas of your own? We need to target all areas where there are classes and one or two hours a month would help us to do this. Minimal IT skills required and support available.

Perons distributing leaflets

Distributing leaflets - taking a handful of flyers down your local high street or retail park can make all the difference as we know many people come to classes having seen our flyers on shop counters. It is particularly useful at the beginning of a new term - three times a year. Can you help your teacher and class assistant to distribute flyers?

Looking after the Centre

Bunk Beds

We think it is very important that people visiting the Centre for the first time have a positive experience and part of this is making sure the Centre is clean and tidy.

Do you have 30 minutes either before or after a class to ensure the shop, toilets and cafe are clean, tidy and welcoming? Or do you have some spare time during the week when you can pop in and help?

Woman Gardening

Do you have an interest in gardening? The courtyard is the first thing people see when they come to the Centre and visitors often comment on how lovely the area is. Would you like to help maintain and develop this area for the benefit of people coming to classes?

Man doing DIY

Do you have some trade, DIY or painting skills? There is often repair or decorating work to be done  - some requiring skill or some that just need an enthusiastic volunteer. If you would like to help, let us have your contact details so we can contact you when we have projects to complete.

Woman cleaning windows

The Centre arranges cherishing days once a month to give people the opportunity to come along and help clean, decorate and garden to give the Centre some sparkle! These days are relaxed and fun and give the opportunity to meet other people attending the Centre as well as doing something very meritorious. Lunch is provided too and you don’t have to give up the whole day, only as much time as you can spare. Look out for the dates on the calendar or via email & Facebook or click here.


Outdoor event

A wonderful way to let people know about Jangchub Ling Centre is by attending fayres and promotional events. We are going to more of these and it would be great if people could help by manning a stall for a few hours. They are in a variety of areas reflecting where the branch classes are held - would you like to get involved?

Woman taking picture

Do you have any photography skills? It is helpful in promoting the Centre and its activities if we have photographs of people here either helping around the Centre or enjoying themselves at a fundraising event. Can you offer your time and skills?

Group cooking

Cooking, serving and planning fundraising events - would you like to join our small group of people who help to plan and cook at the fundraising evenings? Do you love food and like to try new dishes? Would you like to prepare a dish for an event? You don’t need to cook every course - we share these out between us to make it manageable. Although the food is an important part of these events help is also needed to get the room ready, decorate, set the tables, arrange the flowers and lots of other little details.

Teaching support, helping with courses and preparing for prayer ceremonies


Assisting with classes - you will have noticed that most classes, but not all, have an assistant to support the teacher. This person ensures the room is ready, publicity material is available, the notice board and shop items are out and the teacher has what they require. They are also there to meet and greet people coming to classes and communicate about up and coming events. Support is available so you know what to do.

Candle holders

Setting up for prayer ceremonies or making shrine offerings is a lovely activity to be involved with. It is quite straight forward and we will show you what to do.

Food preparation

Food preparation for courses - as you know we offer lunch to attendees at half day and day courses. These meals are usually one pot dishes that are easy to serve in a short space of time. It is home cooked food and you don’t have to be a gourmet to cook for one of these events. We would like to have a few people who are happy to cook so we can take it in turns throughout the year.

As well as cooking, we need people to help serve and clear up at courses and fundraisers - no skills required.

How to volunteer

We are run entirely by volunteers so whether you have a few hours or a few days to give, contact us and we'll get you started. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved.